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Embrace a new approach to Radiology!

The Evorad Suite is the partner of choice in terms of technology, functionalities configurability and pricing. It fits and exceeds your needs and requirements covering all the software needs of any radiology department

  • Multi-modal compatibility Evorad products work with all types of imaging modalities.
  • Brand-agnostic and fully compatible with the equipment and images from all imaging manufactures
  • Modular solutions, which can be used as Stand-alone modules, as an end-to-end radiography solution and
  • Seamlessly integrated with 3rd party systems
  • Fully configurable to particular needs and processes
  • Cost effective with a very competitive pricing
RIS/PACS users
diagnostic workstations

Evorad SUITE

Evorad PACS Server
Flexible and easy to use
Evorad RIS
Covers all radiological workflow management
Evorad Workstation
Stand-alone medical imaging workstation for independent image processing and mini-PACS solutions
Evorad Web Viewer
A zero footprint DICOM web viewer for use with multiple devices
Evorad Plus
Get more from Evorad and enjoy unique features
Evorad MediaBurn
Standalone solution for medical CD / DVD Burning


RIS / PACS / Diagnostic  Suite
RIS / PACS / Diagnostic Suite
Full life-cycle of imaging examinations
Full life-cycle of imaging examinations
Receives orders, Schedules appointments, Delivers results
Receives orders, Schedules appointments, Delivers results
Ultrafast 3D Image Viewing,
Measuring, Processing
Ultrafast 3D Image Viewing,
Measuring, Processing
Diagnostic report typing including  speech-to-text
Diagnostic report typing including speech-to-text
Fully Certified & Standards Compliant
Fully Certified & Standards Compliant
Works with all vendors / IT systems / OSs
Works with all vendors / IT systems / OSs
Offering unique innovative functionalities
Offering unique innovative functionalities
Modular & Customizable
Modular & Customizable

Quality Assurance

The evorad suite is fully certified and compliant to all interantional standards

Evorad is CE certified as a Class IIa Medical Device (CE2803). IKNOWHOW S.A. holds the following quality certifications:

  • EN ISO 9001:2015
  • EN ISO 14001:2015
  • EN ISO 27001:2013
  • EN ISO 13485:2016


Evorad Results Portal is launched!

A patient portal for secure & certified citizen access to their lab & imaging results has now been launched! Meeting the latest trends in personalized patient-centered healthcare delivery, the EVORAD results portal is cross-platform solution operating from all types of mobile devices and personal computers.

New Installations: Evorad installed in 4 additional Athens Public Hospitals

The latest installation of Evorad as the main operation radiology IT suite at four public hospitals in Athens has been successfully completed. We welcome to our network: P. & A. Kyriakou Children’s Hospital, Sismanoglio General Hospital, Amalia Fleming Hospital, and Pentelis Children’s Hospital. Now EVORAD is installed in 21 public hospitals, having the largest RIS/PACS […]

It’s Workshop Time!

iKnowHow (IKH) in collaboration with the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH), the Laboratory of Medical Imaging of the University of Crete School of Medicine, and the 2nd Laboratory of Radiology of Athens Medical School, organizes the online Workshop A.PO.SI.DI – an innovative software tool integrated in EVORAD in the service of treating […]